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About us

Privatel is a professional RF engineering services company providing a wide range of services to address customer requirements, primarily in the Radio Network Planning & Optimization and advanced Drive Testing(GSM, WCDMA,WiMaX, & LTE).

At Privatel, we firmly believe that attentive details to customer requirements, uncompromising focus on quality, strict on time delivery and cost control have enabled us to reach where we are today in our journey as an organization.

We are a company that believes and lives by people empowerment , efficient resources management ,customer first approach & above all dedicated to the nurturing of our team members talent & skills set to meet the ever challenging and constantly evolving market landscape.


To establish Privatel as a trusted & preferred partner for ALL Service Providers and Vendors in Malaysia and South East Asia countries, having International recognition with diversified expansions.



  • Quality delivery to customer
  • Competitive and cost effective services.
  • Technical Talent Nurturing
  • Exploration of business diversification
  • Thrust on International market development.
  • To Build Customer comfort & maintain long term relationship
  • Respond to constantly evolving market needs


“what we

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    A major requirement for any cellular network operator is to ensure that the network is operating to its maximum efficiency. As a result, air interface tuning/optimization is an important task in all modern wireless cellular networks.

    We provide all the possible ways to improve and benchmark any cellular network. All networks need experts and reliable high-end data collection/processing tools that enable real-time monitoring and troubleshooting for your network. And you need dependable resources and tools to deliver high quality services.

    We can help in two ways. Technical expertise and cost saving. Our Engineers have in-depth knowledge and vast experience in improving performance of numerous cellular networks throughout the world. Besides that, we offer very competitive price value proposition to our Customers.

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    Privatel also carry out simulation studies of EMF emissions around client’s radio communication infrastructures. The test results from our studies may be used to determine a site’s compliance with the exposure limits as specified by the ICNIRP guideline.

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    The focus of this scope is to understand the network performance based on field measurement data and benchmark the radio network performance of operators in the same area. Areas deemed important shall be prioritised and field measurement routes to be agreed before the commencement of the measurement. Abnormal poor service experience such as drop call, low data throughput, and call setup failures shall be analysed and short or long term recommendation will be proposed. This activity can be performed for national highway routes, VIP routes, and secondary routes deemed critical, specific areas or targeting particular important areas, major rail routes, national highway critical. The final objective of this is to optimise and improve high priority poor performance spots.

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    One of the most important activities. It aims at improving network performance though network-wide parameter changes, mainly on the radio network, end-to-end on existing features,functionality related parameters and inter-working of GSM, WCDMA and LTE. End-to-end (radio interface, transmission, core network node, and interface) analysis is used to support parameter optimisation analysis.

    Specific KPI analysis may indicate that performance of a particular RNC or an area can be improved by parameter tuning or to accommodate the performance requirements of a particular UE type.

    • Identify study area based on performance or efficiency requirement
    • Functionality, feature, parameter study
    • Test case definition and parameter value matrix mapping
    • Reference cluster analysis
    • Verification cluster analysis
    • Optimum parameters deployment
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    VIP represents a very important set of customers to the operators. These are customers perceived as categorisation from a customer retention point of view. It is important for Operator to have a clear categorisation of the VIP customers, their respective profile, service requirements and expectations. Similar to the activities described above PrivaTel is committed to analyse,troubleshoot and provide appropriate and creative solutions to VIP related complaints and requests.

    • Investigate abnormal issue reported
    • Activate trace to capture abnormal event associate with the issue
    • In-depth analysis
    • Proposal, implementation & verification
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    Privatel aims at playing an important role in reducing Operator’s churn rate by providing dedicated and timely solutions to end-user performance problems. Statistical and field measurement KPI’s are good indicators on how the network generally performs, however, a more crucial factor in assessing the network quality performance is end-user satisfaction. Hence, this activity will cater for the verification, investigation and troubleshooting of particular end-user complaints escalated to PrivaTel from Operator’s NOC and/or Customer Care.

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    Specific cell or area poor performance occasionally is due to system external interference caused by non-approved transmitter, or repeater equipment. There are not many optimization options for such cases. In order to eliminate the root-cause of the poor performance issue, field measurement and investigation is proposed.

    • Cell performance trend analysis and target cell selection
    • Field measurement
    • Interference source identification
    • Equipment owner negotiation
    • Regular escalation
    • Field verification measurement upon eliminating of source
    • Post implementation cell performance verification analysis
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    Events covered by media, international conferences, other social events or demos are becoming an important vehicle of Marketing in the telecom industry. PrivaTel offers the possibility of increasing the quality & performance of these events by having dedicated studies on their requirements & provide Operators the solutions to manage these.

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    Besides engineering services and Specialist Resource Provision, we provide expert consultancy to help optimize client’s operations that subscribe to world standard processes, procedures and methodologies. We also provide consultancy services for the wireless industry in:

    • RF Planning, Optimisation & KPI Analysis
    • RF Live Optimisation
    • Network Audit
    • Nationwide Optimisation
    • Highways, VIP Route Optimisation and Customer Complaint solution
    • Broadband Optimisation
    • Tools Acquisition
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    Over the years, PRIVATEL has constructed many Greenfield & Rooftop Infrastructure sites for multiple Telco operators in Malaysia.


    • Site Acquisition
    • Local council permitting
    • Power application
    • Technical site survey
    • Site design
    • Soil test
    • Structural test
    • Site clearing
    • Foundation works
    • Piling
    • Erection of steel structures, e.g. towers, mini towers, aesthetic mono trees, lamp-pole BTS, guyed masts,antenna & microwave booms, tripod etc.
    • Erection of cabins e.g. PU/concrete
    • Room renovation with gypsum boards
    • M&E works- lighting, ACDB, air-conditioning system,aviation lighting
    • Lighting protection & grounding works
    • Fire-fighting system
    • Premix
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    PRIVATEL is staffed with certified & trained engineers and riggers for BTS, BSC, Node-B, RNC and microwave transmission systems. Our engineers are experienced in the equipment of various vendors and are experts in:

    • Antenna System Installation and Commissioning
    • Equipment Decommissioning and Swapping
    • Network Integration


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